Experience a story of the bounds of passion transmuting the emptiness of space.

Previously Released

The content volume of Spectrumental's portfolio is miles above similarly staffed studios. The revenue of these offerings speak for themselves.

Static Dash

Spectrumental Games' breakout offering was entitled Static Dash. A moody, cerebral offering, Static Dash granted players the ability to craft and launch kites harvesting lightning energy while deflecting damaging electrostatic strikes.

Funnel Farmer

The massive success of Static Dash led the creators to ponder a world in which procedurally generated tornadoes were to be somehow 'wrastled' into useful activities. Thus was born the acclaimed midwest-based tornado-ranching sim entitled "Funnel Farmer." Aspiring twister tycoons were charged with driving wind farms, and guiding weaponized cyclones in the ill-fated direction of their competitors.

Robo Football League

The world is your gridiron! Let's face it, robots built for battle do just that. And robots built for football gain yardage. Or sometimes lose yardage! Spectate, participate, adjudicate. That is the role of the human! Robo Football League begins now.

Who We Are

Spectrumental represents the future of gaming. We are makers.
Our disciplines vary, but we share a common vision: games beyond entertainment.

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Kyle Culver

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